While diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in the individual patient is important for him or her, we all know that prevention is better than cure. Aaroh believes in the approach of positive mental health by reaching out to communities and providing a forum where common mental health problems are discussed. Workshops are a powerful means to create awareness about specific mental health issues and empowering groups of individuals with the knowledge and skill-sets to deal with specific situations.

Every stage of life is unique and has its own joys. The warmth of the love of parents in childhood, the wonder-years of college, the pride of a new job, the bliss of married life and parenthood capture the happiness of the different stages of life. However, each age also brings a unique set of problems in its wake. Temper tantrums in toddlers, hyperactivity and poor scholastic performance in schoolchildren, teenage crises and work-related stress are some of the challenges which many of us face at various stages of life. Aaroh believes in reaching out to communities that seek to address these problems.

Workshops are conducted for the following groups:

Positive Parenting  Common concerns in parenting, handling children with special needs, importance of family environment, positive talk in parenting, marriage and family challenges.

School Based Programs - Identifying children with behavior problems in school, realizing potentials in children, behavior modification in classroom.

Child Based Programs - Handling academic stress, life skills training.

Corporate Programs - Balancing work and family stress, stress management, soft skills training, anger management.

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