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Home Based Follow Up

It is often seen that the dropout rates in mental health treatment are higher at the stage of management.

Maintaining the long term follow-up of a treatment plan becomes cumbersome and difficult for the client either due to a busy schedule, distance from a mental health facility or any other personal reasons.

Understanding these needs, Aaroh offers an online home-based facility to help you make it easier to maintain weekly or monthly follow-ups at the convenience of your home to support children with developmental disabilities by partnering with families to provide effective therapeutic services and learning opportunities which promote greater independence in the home and community settings.

Presently, home-based follow-up program is offered for developmental delay, ADHD and poor academic performance.



How does this work?

First step: Face to face meeting at the clinic (check ‘Appointment’ section) focusing on a detailed psychological evaluation consisting of case history, medical history, neuro developmental, IQ and behavioral evaluation as per requirement.

Second step: Based on the assessment report, a detailed Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) is prepared and parents are explained the management process with the options available.

Third step: Using the ‘registration no’ (given at appointment stage) parents can take an online appointment under the home based follow-up option to update progress of the child or for further queries regarding further appointment and  management.

Fourth step: It is further advised to take a face to face appointment once in 3 months or 6 months or as advised during the management process.

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