Aaroh aims at providing diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive psychological services to meet individual as well as organizational needs while exploiting the advantages of internet connectivity to overcome the barriers of distance and time. Aaroh’s philosophy is to reach out to children, adolescents and adults to provide quality psychological services and also to create mental health awareness among the community.

Mission Statement

  • To provide comprehensive and integrated consultation, diagnosis and therapy through web as well as clinic-based contact.

  • To provide developmental testing, psychological assessment and individualized therapeutic plans to children with developmental problems and scholastic difficulty.

  • To provide guidance for adolescents in their quest for an identity.

  • To train parents and teachers to identify problems, mediate and work towards bringing up healthy and happy children.

  • To reach out to individuals with psychological needs, especially those who are unable to access mental health professionals.

  • To be a trusted partner for organizations wishing to tap the true potential of their employees



Who needs Aaroh?

Children: Conducting psychological evaluation and creating an interventional roadmap for  children with speech delay, developmental delay, behaviour problems, academic under-achievement, learning difficulties, autism, ADHD.

Adolescents: Helping them understand their fears and worries; equipping them with problem solving skills, coping skills and time management skills for a confident future; guiding them to make an appropriate choice of career for their aptitudes

Parents: Sensitizing parents to the various behavioural developmental stages of the child and guiding them towards making parenting a memorable journey. Helping parents understand the needs of a child with special needs and working towards a better management plan.

Schools:  Sensitization of teachers towards mental health problems of children and construction of individual education plans for children with special needs.

Individuals:    Helping people cope with difficulty in work, social interaction and married life; helping them combat feelings of worthlessness; coaching them in anger management

Corporate:   Enrichment of employees with training in time management, stress management, inter-personal skills and soft-skills.

Dr Neerja Thergaonkar is a consultant rehabilitation psychologist with more than 10 years of experience. She completed her MA from the SNDT University, Mumbai and PhD from the University of Pune. She has been working as a consultant psychologist with the Indian Navy and has been a consultant psychologist at Sankalp- for a school for children with special needs run by the Indian Navy. Presently, Dr Neerja is practicing at Adiva Hospital, Greenpark New Delhi and RK Omni Hospital at Visakhapatnam.


She is a registered practicing psychologist with the Rehabilitation Council of India (CRR No. A36795) and holds memberships of the American Psychological Association, Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists, Indian Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Bombay Psychological Association and Association of Counsellors of India. 

Dr Neerja has a keen interest in developmental disorders of children like speech delay, developmental delay, behaviour problems, academic under-achievement, learning difficulties, autism, ADHD. She is a certified Arts Based Therapist, is a certified coach for Career Decision making, COGMED coach , is a tester for Developmental Assessment Scale for Indian Infants (DASII) by Dept of Pediatrics and TDH Morris, CDC, KEM Hospital, Pune as well as CPM/CVS and DST (J) for Learning Disability as well as Beck Youth Inventory by Pearson Academy India.  She has also been an examiner for developing the Indian norms for the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence- second edition by Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment, India. She has published technical articles on test anxiety in children.

Dr Neerja is trained in Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy and well-versed with handling psychological problems in adults. She regularly handles problems such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, domestic violence and marital discord.

 Organizational mental health requirements hold a special place for Dr Neerja. She has conducted several workshops for organizations such as schools, private firms and governmental organizations on a variety of issues such as behavioural problems in children, poor academic performance parenting, handling conflicts, marriage, soft-skills, stress-management and alcoholism.

Dr Neerja Thergaonkar, PhD

MA (Clinical Psychology)

PhD (Child Psychology)
Arts Based Therapist

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