In this section, we try to address the concerns at various stages and areas of our life. Screening is a free service where our aim is to create awareness about mental health and help get treatment early. 

Online Consultation

We live in a fast-paced world where at times even taking out time for something as essential as the health of ourselves and our family members becomes difficult. Needless to say, online services offer the convenience of choice and flexibility of meeting arrangements, reduce the hassles of distance, time and physical availability and also cut down overhead costs. Aaroh offers the facility of online counseling and therapy services

Career Assessment

Choosing the right career is often confusing. Be it for self or as parents we are expected to know the choices and options leading us to the right path which often becomes a source of stress and conflict. Aaroha brings you career assessment option available in India and overseas at the comfort of your home. Career assessment involves a battery of tests identifying your work values, interest, potential and aptitude. 


While diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in the individual patient is important for him or her, we all know that prevention is better than cure. Aaroh believes in the approach of positive mental health by reaching out to communities and providing a forum where common mental health problems are discussed. 

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